and a wide variety of kitchen utensils. Many examples of Vaughan products are shown
throughout this work. Also well known is EKCO (Edward Katzinger Co.) for can openers.
Chicago firms took full advantage of the advertising space allotted on corkscrews and a number
of these are included. There are, no doubt, hundreds of others that would fill a whole volume of
Corkscrews as a souvenir appeared at two significant Chicago exhibitions – the Columbian
Exposition of 1893 and A Century of Progress of 1933-1934. Advertisers promoted their names
on the corkscrews that would surely find their way home to the kitchen drawer. These
corkscrews are included in their individual chapters.
I purposely named this work “The Incomplete Chicago Corkscrew Story” because I know that
you, the reader, will now examine the many corkscrews in your collection in search of this
work’s missing links!
Thanks to Jack Bandy, Tommy Campnell, Bill Eyres, Norman Jay, Carroll Johnson, Josef
L’Africain, and John Stanley for their contributions.
Don Bull
Wirtz, Virginia
August 2012