For the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 the Old Times Distillery of Louisville,
Kentucky built an operating two story distillery and warehouse. The company won a “First
Prize” for its exhibit. It later won the “Grand Prize” at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition held in
St. Louis in 1904.
Subsequent to the exhibition, Russell proudly
noted his “First Prize” on these corkscrews. The
corkscrew on the left has “First Prize, Old Times
Whiskey, World's Fair” on one side of the handle
and “D. H. Russell, Treas., Old Times Whiskey,
Louisville, Ky.” On the underside is the
instruction “Need not pull, keep turning” and on
the end is “Williamson Co., Newark, N. J., Pat.
Apl'd for.” The second corkscrew has an unusual
log handle and is stamped “Old Times Rye” on the
handle ends. The advertising on one side of the
handle is “D. H. Russell's Old Times, Louisville,
Ky.” and “First Prize, Old Times Whisky, World's
Fair” on the other. In a departure from the norm
the usage advice is on the top and reads “Don't
pull to extract the cork, keep turning.”
In the May 24, 1893 edition of the
Waterloo Courier
a report on Chicago’s Columbian Exposition made
this observation: “There is curious looking structure
which is called the Tower of Babel, and it is
something like 400 feet high. Like the ancient
structure upon the plains of Shinar it has a walk or
road winding about it like the threads of a screw from
bottom to top. This tower of Babel has – or will have
if its owner ever finishes it – and equipment, which it
is safe to say the original Babel structure did not have,
namely an electric railway on which one may ride
style to the summit.”