This corkscrew is marked E. S. M. Co. Erie, Pa. Pat Apl'd FOR on
the end of the handle. Walker applied for the patent on June 2,
1892. U. S. Patent Number 501,975 was granted July 25, 1893.
Instead of the open cast bell prevalent on the patented Walker
corkscrews, this one has a bell in the shape of a world globe -
celebrating the Fair. It is an advertising piece for the Schlitz
Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin carrying their trademark globe
with “Schlitz” cast into it.
Rand McNally’s 1893
Handbook of the Exposition
described the
Schlitz Brewing Company exhibit: “The Schlitz Brewing Company
has a display consisting of a huge cask, with an opening on the
main front like a railway ticket-window. Above the cask, in its
center, is a globe of staff, seventeen feet in diameter, upheld by
four figures of gigantic size. The equator of the globe is marked by a double line of colored
lights.” No doubt some visitors to the exhibit were gifted with Schlitz corkscrews.
In its July 1, 1893 issue,
The Pharmaceutical Era
reported on the exhibit of Londonderry Lithia
Spring Co., Nashua New Hampshire:
“At a time when attention is divided among the many
thousand objects of interest at the World's Fair, it
requires nothing short of genius for an artistic
arrangement of conventional articles so that a
permanent impression upon the visitor's mind will be
made. Such a procedure seems hardly necessary in
view of the extended reputation of Londonderry Lithia
Water, but the cut in this issue of the E
shows that
even the casual observer who visits the gallery of the
Agricultural Building is destined to carry away with
him a mental photograph of a gigantic bottle, 15 feet
high, bearing upon its side the familiar triangular trade-
mark which is the distinguishing emblem of one of the
most useful prescriptions ever put up in Nature's
Laboratory. The bottle stands in the center of a platform about 12 feet square…As a relief from
the impression of quiescence and indicating the necessity of certain actions which pertain to
bottled goods, the big bottle has a large
already inserted, upon the handle of which is
the name of E. E. Hills, the agent for this company at 70 State street, Chicago.”