How to Join



How to Join

The ICCA membership is fixed at fifty.  Collectors wanting to become members of the ICCA should apply for membership to the Right or Chief Correspondent. The application should include number of years collecting, size of collection, and areas of collecting focus, names of members personally known (if any), and some biographical information.  A photograph and detailed description of what applicant regards as their six best corkscrews should be included.


How to be an Addict


Right, Chief Correspondent, Treasurer, Editor of the Bottle Scrue Times, and Toast Master

Honorary Member

The “honorary” title is sometimes bestowed as decided by the Right, and usually conferred on someone who has accomplished notable things in, or for, the ICCA.

Associate Members

The “associate” member is someone who has either given up active collecting, but was a long time ICCA member wants to stay connected to the organization.  Alternatively, an “associate” member may not actually be a collector, but is instrumental in advancing corkscrew collecting—an example may be an expert at an auction house.  Associate members could also be spouses of deceased Addicts if they were invited to be associate members (and they desired to be one).

Addict’s Duties

Members are required to send a “Best Six” to all other members each year. A member must attend at least one Annual General Meeting every three years. Ideally, Addicts will attend every meeting.


Past Rights

After resigning, each Right selects an honorary individual title: Brother Timothy is Just Right, Dr. Bernard Watney is Start Right, the late Dr. Homer Babbidge is All Right, Don Morway is More Right, Bob Nugent is Nu-Right, the late Perry Howland is How Right, Richard Dennis is Spend Right, Dr. David Bradshaw is Try Right, Don Minzenmayer is Hous-Right, Don Bull is Mirth Right, and Ron MacLean is Can(e) Right, Joseph C. Paradi is Pro-Right., Helger Solheim is Sol-Right, Wolfgang Handel is Hand-Right, Bert Giulian is Read-Right, Fred Kincaid is Left Right, Maurice Dancer is TB-Right, John Morris is Y’all-Right, Jens Arnbjerg is Dan-Right, Barry Taylor is Buy-Right, and Ian Hunter is Down-Right.

Awards & Dues


Annual dues are currently fixed at U.S.$50.00. Dues are payable to the treasurer by December 31 for the following year.


HOMER BABBIDGE AWARD.  Awarded annually to an addict for exceptional research in the area of corkscrews.

FRANK MacDONALD AWARD. Presented annually to an addict who publishes the best SIX BEST for the year.

ROBERT P. NUGENT AWARD.  Presented annually to an addict who publishes “…best single corkscrew story or item submitted to the Bottle Scrue Times.”

BERNARD WATNEY AWARD.  Presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the World of Corkscrews. The award is not limited to members of corkscrew collecting organizations.