Homer Babbidge Award

The Homer Babbidge Award was established at the 1984 AGM held at the Hotel Univers, Tours, France, October 26, 1984.

At that meeting, “It was resolved that Bernard Watney, Richard Dennis and Brother Timothy form a committee to make an annual award…to be presented to the member who has made the largest contribution during the year into the research of corkscrews and have presented the committee with their findings in writing. The first award to be made in 1985.”

To date, awards have been granted in all but 6 years. [Note: the date is the year the award was presented at the AGM.]

1985Bernard Watney "The History of Stoppers and Corkscrews"
1986Don Minzenmayer "Corkscrew Handles"
1987Bob Nugent "Knives with Corkscrews"
1988Joe Paradi "French Corkscrew Patents"
1989Ron MacLean "Common Corkscrews-II"
1990Bob Nugent "History of the Robert Murphy Corkscrew"
1991Don Bullvideo tape recording of a corkscrew post card collection with narration,
and all Addicts’ Best 6 photographs from 1974 through 1991
1993Don Minzenmayer "Dissertation on the Screwpull"
1994Ferd Peters "French Patents by Perille"
1995Bert Giulian "Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century"
1996Fred O’Leary"Corkscrews–1000 Patented Ways to Open a Bottle"
1997Don BullVirtual Corkscrew Museum website
2001Don Bull "Boxes full of Corkscrews"
2002Don Bull Internet book "Cork Ejectors"
2003Ron MacLean and Bob Nugent (posthumously) Internet book "William Rockwell Clough"
2004Don Bull his book, "Japanese Patents"
2005 Anne-Lise Køhler, Per Ekman and Helgir Solheim "Scandinavian Corkscrew Patents 1867 - 1973"
2006Don Bull "The Perfect Extractor"
2011Don Bull and Joe ParadiChampagne Collectible
2013Don Bull and Joe ParadiWine Antiques and Collectibles
2016 Don Bull, Bert Giulian and Joe Paradi World Class Corkscrews
2020Jose Barella, Bert Giulian and Ion ChirescuIrish Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century
2021 Don Bull and John StanleyAnheuser-Busch Knives & Match Safes: The Collection of Robert Sudduth


Frank MacDonald Award

The Frank MacDonald Award was established at the 1991 AGM at the Beekman Arms Inn, Rhinebeck, New York.

It is to be awarded annually “to the Addict who circulated the best Best6…for the previous year.  The award is determined by a rotating committee.

[Note: The date is the year the Best 6 was published. Awards are published in the following year’s minutes.]

1991Giovanni Giachin (steel pieces) and Joe Paradi (mechanical pieces)
1992Bert Giulian
1993Bob Nugent (for corkscrews never before seen in a Best 6)
1994Alf Erickson
1995Ron MacLean (selection of combination carriage key corkscrews)
1996Helgir Solheim
1997Ferd Peters
1998Rolf Herrmann
1999Guy Olive
2000Milt Becker
2001Ferd Peters
2002[No recipient named at the AGM]
2003Hans Türler
2004John Morris
2005Wolfgang Händel
2006Pol Lenzinger
2007Jack Bandy
2008Bert Giulian
2009Steven Webb
2010Ian Hunter
2011Karl-Heinz Humpert
2012Barry Taylor
2014Ian Hunter
2015Jose Barella
2016Ion Chirescu
2017Karl-Heinz Humpert
2018Jose Barella
2019Ian Hunter
2020Ian Hunter
2021Bert Giulian
2022Tommy Campnell


Robert P. Nugent Award

The Robert P. Nugent Award was established at the 1996 AGM and is for recognition of the best submission to the Bottle Scrue Times over the past year.

The award is determined by the Editor of the BST. [Note: the date is the year the award was presented at the AGM.]

1997Bob Goldscheiderphoto of a Gold Corkscrew
1998Klaus Pumpenmeierresearch article on German Corkscrews
1999No award given
2000Buster Berntson
2001Jens Arnbjergresearch article "Danish Hallmarks on Corkscrews"
2002Nick Hunt2001 AGM Write-up
2003Ferd Petersarticle, "First Update of German Registered Deigns and Patents"
2004Buster Berntsonarticles, "Reflection over a Pistol", and "Bar Screws, Five Years Later"
2005Adolfo Roque article, "The Right’s Cape–Aveiro’s Gabao"
2006Nick Huntwrite-up of 2005 AGM
2007Hans Türler"Corkscrews as Objects of Intellectual Property"
2008Carroll Johnson article on "Traveling Sets"
2009Don Bullarticle on the Hamilton Estabrook Patent
2010Barry Taylortwo articles, The Johnson Patent and Edward P. Haff Corkscrews.
2011Josef L'Africain 2010 AGM write-up and his article "Frary-ations"
2012John Morris"Wall Mount Openers and Corkscrews"
2013Ferd Peters"Belgian Corkscrews"
2014Jens Arnbjerg"Laguiole Knives with Corkscrews"
2015Don Bullarticle on Spanish Corkscrews
2016Dick Clarkarticle on the Preston and Sons Tool Brace Holder
2017Ferd Peterstwo articles Champagne Wire Scissors and Corkscrew Worms.
2018Dick Clarkarticle entitled Fool’s Gold.
2019Josef L'Africainarticle American Corkscrews with a Pivoted Lateral Projection (awarded by Right Ian Hunter)
2020Fredrik Åströmarticle entitled Wedwåg: A Discovery that is Changing Nordic (and Perhaps Global) Corkscrew History
2021Bert Giulianarticle entitled "Early Swedish Knife"


Bernard Watney Award

The first meeting of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts (ICCA) was organized at the Guinness Brewery in London in 1974 by Bernard Watney. In attendance at the first AGM were Addicts Babbidge, Bingham, Dennis, Ekman, MacDonald, DeSanctis, Phillips, Stark, and Watney. In the minutes of the sixth AGM held at the Guinness Brewery on September 26, 1979, this is reported: “Amidst the cheers of assembled Addicts, Dr. Watney assumed the honorary title of ‘Start Right,’ in recognition of his status as the founder of our little band. ”

Bernard Watney coauthored the first important contribution to the World of Corkscrews in 1981 with Homer Babbidge, that book is the classic Corkscrews for Collectors.. Bernard passed away September 28, 1998. This award is given in memory of Bernard.

Purpose of Award: To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the World of Corkscrews. The award is not limited to members of corkscrew collecting organizations.

Selection Committee: Honorary Chairperson Mavis Watney, Thomas Uhler, and Reinhold Berndt.

Nominations for award: Any person either affiliated or non-affiliated with corkscrew collecting organizations may submit nominations. Email nominations to Thomas Uhler at and Reinhold Berndt at

Number of Awards: Each recipient will receive one award for their work or works. The published list will include all contributions for each recipient with year noted for publications and the year of the award. In the event the recipient makes further contributions, those contributions will be added to the list.


Books – Published books dedicated to corkscrews and some where the corkscrew is prominent but not the whole subject

Papers – Published papers dedicated to corkscrews which expand the corkscrew knowledge base

Newsletters – Editors who have compiled and published newsletters over a long period time

Articles – Generally articles in newsletters and on websites are not considered unless they have been published as stand-alone papers

Websites – Websites which have content of historical and informational value to the Corkscrew World

Museums – Museums open to the public with a wide range of corkscrews displayed with information about the corkscrews

Other – The committee will consider all nominations for the Bernard Watney Award for outstanding contributions to the World of Corkscrews including but not limited to organization of meetings, exhibitions, presentations, inventions, and extraordinary accomplishments

NameTitleTypePublishedYear of Award
Andrew, FredThe Incomplete, Complete Book of BarscrewsBook19952011
Annoni, PaoloMuseo del Cavatappi, ItalyMuseum2010
Babbidge, Homer*Corkscrews for CollectorsBook19812009
Bandy, Jack*The Incomplete, Complete Book of BarscrewsBook19952011
Barella, José*Irish Corkscrews of the Eighteenth CenturyBook20192020
Berndt, ReinholdFederzungenBook20022009
Berndt, ReinholdKorkenzieher in Thüringer HandelskatalogenBook20092009
Berndt, ReinholdKorkenzieher in Thüringer Handelskatalogen (Volume 2)Book20092009
Berndt, ReinholdThuringian Straight Pull CorkscrewsBook20152009
Berntson, Buster*Scandinavian CorkscrewsBook19942009
Bertazzo, Ottilia MunarettiL'Art dei CavatappiBook20052009
Bidault, GérardLes Fabriques Français de Tire-Bouchon 1820 - 1970Book20002009
Bidault, GérardLes Brevets de Tire-Bouchons Français 1847-1968Book20052009
Bidault, GérardLes Tire-Bouchons FrançaisBook20052009
Bull, DonaldBeer Advertising Openers - A Pictorial GuideBook19782009
Bull, DonaldA Price Guide to Beer Advertising Openers and CorkscrewsBook19812009
Bull, DonaldThe Kirby CorkscrewPaper19882009
Bull, DonaldBull's Pocket Guide to CorkscrewsBook19992009
Bull, Donald*Just for OpenersBook19992009
Bull, DonaldThe Ultimate Corkscrew BookBook19992009
Bull, DonaldBeer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, etc.Book20002009
Bull, Donald*Soda Advertising OpenersBook20002009
Bull, Donald*Anri WoodcarvingsBook20012009
Bull, DonaldBoxes Full of CorkscrewsBook20012009
Bull, DonaldCork EjectorsBook20042009
Bull, DonaldCorkscrew Patents of JapanBook20042009
Bull, DonaldCorkscrew Stories Volume 1 & 2Books20042009
Bull, DonaldThe Perfect ExtractorBook20052009
Bull, DonaldFigural CorkscrewsBook20092009
Bull, DonaldCorkscrew Ephemera Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4eBooks20102009
Bull, DonaldCorkscrew Stories Volume 3 & 4eBooks20102009
Bull, DonaldWorld's Fair & Exhibition Corkscrews and OpenerseBook20102009
Bull, Donald*Champagne CollectiblesBook20112009
Bull, DonaldThe Incomplete Chicago Corkscrew StoryeBook20122009
Bull, Donald*Wine Antiques & CollectiblesBook20132009
Bull, Donald*Advertising OpenersBook20142009
Bull, Donald*World-Class CorkscrewsBook20152009
Bull, Donald*Anheuser-Busch Knives & MatchsafesBook20212009
Bull, DonaldThe Virtual Corkscrew MuseumWebsite2009
Butler, Robin*The Book of Wine AntiquesBook19862009
Butler, RobinGreat British Wine AccessoriesBook20102010
Campnell, Tommy*SyrocoWood Corkscrew & Decorative AccessoriesBook20182018
Cecconi, Armando*Cavatappi Italiani (Italian Corkscrews)Book20132014
Chionna, Davide*Cavatappi Italiani (Italian Corkscrews)Book20132014
Chirescu, Ion*History, Culture and Legends in British Brass CorkscrewsBook20152016
Chirescu, IonMuseum, Bucharest RomaniaMuseum2016
Chirescu, Ion*Sealing Stamp CorkscrewsBook20162016
Chirescu, Ion*Cancan Ladies' Legs CorkscrewsBook20172016
Chirescu, Ion*Artistry in Statuette CorkscrewsBook20182016
Chirescu, Ion*SyrocoWood Corkscrew & Decorative AccessoriesBook20182016
Chirescu, Ion*Cage Corkscrews / Tire- Bouchons À CageBook20182016
Chirescu, Ion*Irish Corkscrews of the Eighteenth CenturyBook20192020
Chirescu, Ion*Combination Corkscrews of the Eighteenth CenturyBook20222023
Cimagalli, GiorgioCavatappi Italiani (Italian Corkscrews)Book20132014
Coldicott, PeterA Guide to Collecting CorkscrewsBook19942009
Cornell, JohnBrass Figural Handle Toasting Forks and CorkscrewsBook20072010
Danziger, HerbCorkscrews of the Syracuse Ornamental CompanyArticle19832011
De Sanctis, Paolo*I CavatappiBook19882009
De Sanctis, Paolo*The Corkscrew a Thing of BeautyBook19902009
De Sanctis, Paolo*Le Collezioni CavatappiBook19932009
D'Errico, NicholasAmerican Corkscrew Patents 1921-1992Book19932009
Desor, Jean-LouisFlorileges de Tire-Bouchons les figuratifsBook20092010
Dippel, HorstKorkenzieherBook19882009
Doornkaat, Heinz tenDeutsche Korkenzieher PatenteBook19912009
Ekman, Per*Scandinavian CorkscrewsBook19942009
Ekman, Per*Scandinavian Corkscrew PatentsBook20042009
Ellis, Barbara*Corkscrews: British Registered DesignsBook20072009
Ellis, Barbara*CorkscrewsBook20092009
Ellis, Frank*Corkscrews: British Registered DesignsBook20072009
Ellis, Frank*CorkscrewsBook20092009
Fantoni, Maurizio*I CavatappiBook19882009
Fantoni, Maurizio*The Corkscrew a Thing of BeautyBook19902009
Fantoni, Maurizio*Le Collezioni CavatappiBook19932009
Geoffroy, AlainDomaine Alain Geoffroy, Beine, FranceMuseum2020
Gerovassiliou, EvangelosDomaine Gerovassiliou, GreeceMuseum2011
Giulian, BertrandCorkscrews of the Eighteenth CenturyBook19952009
Giulian, Bertrand*History of Pocket Corkscrews and PocketknivesBook20062009
Giulian, Bertrand*World-Class CorkscrewsBook20152009
Giulian, Bertrand*Sealing Stamp CorkscrewsBook20162009
Giulian, Bertrand*Cage Corkscrews / Tire- Bouchons À CageBook20182009
Giulian, Bertrand*Irish Corkscrews of the Eighteenth CenturyBook20192020
Giulian, Bertrand*Combination Corkscrews of the Eighteenth CentruyBook20222023
Grondeau, AlainUn autre regard sur les Tire-Bouchons Book20212021
Grondeau, AlainUn autre regard sur les Tire-Bouchons Acte IIBook20212021
Handel, WolfgangKorkenzieher PatenteBook19912009
Heckmann, ManfredKorkenzieherBook19792009
Hoefer, PeterÖsterreichische Korkenzieherpatente 1882-1980Book2009
Hohn, HeinzDreko Drehteile und KorkenzieherBook20002009
Hunter, IanAdelaide CorkscrewsPaper20112012
Hutchinson, FrancisBritish Corkscrew PatentsBook2009
Kincaid, FredICCA Corkscrew Auctions on the WebWebsite2010
Køhler, Anne-LiseFrench Corkscrew Patents Found in DenmarkBook20032009
Køhler, Anne-Lise*Scandinavian Corkscrew PatentsBook20042009
Køhler, Anne-Lise*Scandinavian Brass and Bronze CorkscrewsBooklet20142009
L'Africain, JosefDetroit CorkscrewsPaper20122013
L'Africain, JosefFinding FraryPaper20132013
L'Africain, Josef*SyrocoWood Corkscrew & Decorative AccessoriesBook20182013
Lapierre, Jacques*Les Tire-Bouchons ExtensiblesBook20102010
Lapierre, JacquesLes Tire-Bouchons en Forme de Bouteille de ChampagneBook20192010
Leigh, James RonCorkscrews: Some Hisotry, Some TechnologyBook20072009
Lenzinger, PolFromm Winery, New ZealandMuseum2020
MacLean, RonCanadian Corkscrew PatentsBook19852009
MacLean, RonEclectic Corkscrew Patents 1931-1988Paper19962009
MacLean, RonThe Common Corkscrew / Diverse ExecutionsPaper19882009
MacLean, RonThe Common Corkscrew IIPaper19892009
MacLean, RonThe Common Corkscrew IIIPaper19902009
MacLean, RonThe Common Corkscrew IVPaper19912009
MacLean, RonThe Common Corkscrew VPaper19942009
MacLean, RonThe Williamson StoryPaper19942009
MacLean, Ron*William Rockwell Clough, 2004Book20042009
May, Brian*Double Folding CorkscrewsPaper20122013
May, Brian*Story of Wm. Robert Maud and his Patent CorkscrewsPaper20122013
Meadows, WayneCompendium of Bar CorkscrewsBook20012009
Meadows, Wayne*Austrian Figural Corkscrew DesignBook20152009
Minzenmayer, DonWarm Wood Cold SteelPaper19862010
Minzenmayer, DonThe Screwpull CorkscrewPaper19932010
Minzenmayer, DonScrewpull: Creation & History of a High-tech CorkscrewBook20132010
Morris, JohnU. S. Corkscrew UpdatePaper20122011
Morris, John*United States Patents: The little things that make a differencePaper20102011
Morris, Martha*United States Patents: The little things that make a differencePaper20102011
Nugent, RobertKnives with CorkscrewsPaper19872009
Nugent, Robert*William Rockwell CloughBook20042009
O'Dell, Gail*History, Culture and Legends in British Brass CorkscrewsBook20152016
O'Leary, FredCorkscrews: 1000 Patented Ways to Open a BottleBook19962009
Olive, GuyTire Bouchons Français Brevets 1828-1974Book19952009
Ouvrard, MarcThe Corkscrew Blog, FranceWebsite2020
Ouvrard, MarcLe tire-bouchon aux XVIIIe siéclesBook20222020
Paradi, JoeFrench Corkscrew PatentsBook19882009
Paradi, JoeHungarian Corkscrew Patents & Registered DesignsBook20072009
Paradi, Joe*Champagne CollectiblesBook20112009
Paradi, Joe*Wine Antiques & CollectiblesBook20132009
Paradi, Joe*World-Class CorkscrewsBook20152009
Paradi, Joe*History, Culture and Legends in British Brass CorkscrewsBook20152009
Paradi, JoeCorkscrewNet.comWebsite2009
Paradi, MonikaCookbook for Corkscrew CollectorsBook19912009
Paradi, MonikaCookbook for Corkscrew Collectors - Volume IIBook20102009
Payne, Roy*History, Culture and Legends in British Brass CorkscrewsBook20152016
Perry, EvanCorkscrews and Bottle OpenersBook19802009
Peters, FerdGerman Corkscrew Patents and RegistrationsBook19972009
Peters, FerdMechanical Corkscrews, Their Evolution, actions, and patentsBook19992009
Peters, FerdGerman Corkscrew Patents, D.R.P. 1877-2000Book20022009
Peters, FerdGerman Corkscrew Registrations, D.R.G.M. 1891-2000Book20022009
Peters, Ferd*History of Pocket Corkscrews and PocketknivesBook20062009
Peters, FerdContemporary CorkscrewsBook20112009
Peters, FerdGerman Corkscrews Protected by LawBook20112009
Peters, FerdLadies, Their Charms, Legs and Shoes (Corkscrews etc.)Book20162009
Pumpenmeier, KlausDeutscher Gebrauchmusterschutz for KorkenzieherBook19972009
Rains, Philly*Anri WoodcarvingsBook20012009
Robinson, SalAustrian Figural Corkscrew DesignBook20152016
Roe, LehrEdward P. HaffPaper2011
Roger, RobertA Guide to GimletsBook20032009
Roger, RobertPatented Ice Reducing ToolsBook20072009
Rousset-Rouard, YvesMusée du Tire-Bouchon, FranceMuseum2010
Sharp, Michael*The Incomplete, Complete Book of BarscrewsBook19952011
Shaub, PaulGuide to American Corkscrew Patents, V. 1 & 2Book19782009
Soare, Alexandru*Cancan Ladies' Legs CorkscrewsBook20172018
Soare, Alexandru*Artistry in Statuette CorkscrewsBook20182018
Solheim, HelgirCorkscrews in NorwayPaper19902009
Solheim, Helgir*Scandinavian Corkscrew PatentsBook20042009
Stanley, John*Just for OpenersBook19992009
Stanley, John*Soda Advertising OpenersBook20002009
Stanley, John*Advertising OpenersBook20142009
Stanley, John*Anheuser-Busch Knives & Match SafesBook20212009
Taylor, BarryICCA Corkscrew Auctions on the WebWebsite2010
Türler, HajoSwiss Corkscrew PatentsBook20022009
Türler, Hajo*Les Tire-Bouchons ExtensiblesBook20102009
Vivanco, RafaelBodegas Dinastia Vivanco, SpainMuseum2011
Walkling, GillianThe Book on Wine AntiquesBook19862010
Wallis, FretcherBritish Corkscrew Patents from 1795Book19972009
Watney, Bernard*Corkscrews for CollectorsBook19812009
Watney, BernardThe History of Stoppers and CorkscrewsArticle19852009
Webb, Steven*Double Folding CorkscrewsPaper20122013
Webb, Steven*Story of Wm. Robert Maud and his Patent CorkscrewsPaper20122013
Young, JoeHave you Looked at Your Roundlets Lately?Paper19852010
Young, JoeArcade Manufacturing Co., Freeport, IllinoisPaper19862010
Young, JoeDoes the Van Gieson Corkscrew ExistPaper19942010
Young, JoeJust Who Was M. L. Byrn?Paper2010
Znaty, SimonLes Tire-Bouchons FiguratifsBook20222022