The International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts (ICCA) is the most prestigious corkscrew collector organization in the world.  A worldwide organization, members are drawn together as a result of their respective passion for antique corkscrews.  Addicts continuously hunt, find, and research fabulous old corkscrews.

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In 1974, the first Annual General Meeting of the ICCA was held in London, and it has been the tradition of the club ever since.  Meetings are held over several days, and include receptions, meals, tours of the area, often visits to the hosts’ home, buy and sell session, auction, show and tell, and an opportunity to celebrate all things corkscrew with longtime (and sometimes new) friends.

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4 Prestigious Awards

Bernard Watney Award

Recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the World of Corkscrews.

Robert P. Nugent Award

Recognition of the best submission to the Bottle Scrue Times over the past year as determined by the Editor of the BST.

Homer Babbidge Award

An annual award to the member who has made the largest contribution during the year into the research of corkscrews and have presented the committee with their findings in writing.

Frank MacDonald Award

Awarded annually to the Addict who circulated the Best 6 of the previous year. The award is determined by a rotating committee.


The Bottle Scrue Times

The Bottle Scrue Times is vitally important to the correspondence that defines the ICCA and connects Addicts across the world.  Significant and serious research articles by Addicts have become the mainstay of every issue, and contributions of other relevant and interesting materials are submitted regularly.  This, of course, explains the growth and success of the Bottle Scrue Times and its importance to the ICCA.

Long live the Bottle Scrue Times!

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Est. 1974, Guinness Brewery, London, England